10 spring destinations in Europe and according to your desires

10 spring destinations in Europe and according to your desires

Who does not dream of escaping with the sun shining despite the freshness of the end of winter? Spring is the time of rebirth. You get out of your sofa, you want to move, walk, stroll, discover, have a drink on the terrace, and warm up. And that’s pretty good, because in Europe, there is no shortage of travel and city trip destinations, especially in this beautiful season. With family, two, between friends, for nature lovers, flower lovers, city fans, or those looking for warmth, here are ten places where you can easily go for a week or even a few days during summer:

1. The most tropical: Madeira (Portugal)


If winter is mild there, it is in spring that the Portuguese island is the most radiant. Here, you are in Europe and yet, you have the feeling of being further afield. If the capital Funchal is crowded with tourists, it is definitely worth going backpacking through the mountains, along the cliffs to observe tropical trees, exotic flowers, vines, volcanic rocks, and terraced crops. These incredible colors can also be seen everywhere, even in homes.

2. The most flowery city: Haarlem (Netherlands)


It is obviously not the exotic warmth that we are looking for when going to this city, which is a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. But with a little luck, the spring sun will be there. In addition to the canals with all their charm, the culture is also rich there. The hundreds of fields of tulips of all colors also attracts every curious traveler during spring.

3. To go for two: Capri (Italy)                                                             

Capri is a little gem of less than 10 square kilometers. Located in the Bay of Naples, with its two sisters Ischia and Procida, the island is endowed with magnificent landscapes to be admired far from the beaten track and preferably out of season. In the collective imagination, it is seen as the pinnacle of romanticism. It is also an ideal destination for getting away from the city stress for a few days during the spring.

4. For the heat: Oia (Greece)

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to travel to Greece. The sun heats up very quickly after winter, so much so that one feels immersed in summer before summer. Small jewel of the Cyclades, the town of Oia on the island of Santorini is impressive in beauty and known for its cave houses suspended in the void. But beware, it is better to go out of season because tourists quickly take over the city.

5. Ideal for families: Tenerife (Spain)


It is the largest of the Canary Islands. As a family, it is easy to land there with its two airports. It is an ideal place for everyone in the middle of a magnificent nature (immense sandy beaches, volcanic black sand, palm trees, gigantic dunes, coves, etc.) and under the omnipresent sun. There are many activities you can enjoy here too: nature walks, water sports, theme parks, zoos, etc.

6.  For visits with friends: Porto (Portugal)


It’s northern Portugal, but it’s still southern Europe. The weather is usually pleasant in the spring. Clinging to the steep bank of the Douro, Porto is filled with riches, both cultural, architectural, and taste. With friends, you can visit diverse exciting places such as the beach during the day, taste the port in Vila Nova da Gaia, and also go out to the bars in the evening. And the advantage: flight, accommodation and cocktails can all be accessed at low prices.

7. For cultural discoveries: Cyprus


In the middle of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is like a crossroads of civilizations, a perfect island for lovers of old stones. In addition to the turquoise coasts, you can visit ancient castles, monasteries and Byzantine frescoes. You can also walk through the villages and countryside to meet the inhabitants whose hospitality is well established and unforgettable.

8. The alternative to mass tourism: Bratislava

Prague, Vienna, these eastern cities make you dream wild. Spring is an opportunity to take advantage of milder weather, and fortunately, tourism tends to invade these beautiful cities very quickly. A few kilometers away, you can find Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Crossed by the Danube, it does not lack charm when compared to Prague. The alleys with colorful houses invite a fairy tale. There are many museums, castles, a lively nightlife. And then, it’s cheaper too.

9. For wine lovers: Siena (Tuscany, Italy)

Siena (Tuscany, Italy) is another excellent spring destination worth visiting… Wine route enthusiasts can only appreciate this region of Italy. Siena is a very charming medieval town crossed by alleys, known for its history of art too. It is the ideal place to rest and enjoy Tuscany between several visits to Cantinas (vineyards) and tastings in the cellars or vineyards, from village to village.

10.  Destination that we do not especially think of: Penzance (England)


At the tip of Cornwall, it is not one of the best known and hottest destinations. But, going in the spring does not mean especially “sunbathing on a beach”. This seaside resort is not lacking in charm with its port, its 14th century fortress atop a rock. It is also perfect for a more unusual city trip and a starting point for beautiful walks in the heart of this romantic region with its cliffs halfway between Brittany, Scotland and Ireland.

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