Five festivals in the world that will surprise you

We find hundreds of different cultures and peoples with their typical gastronomy, languages ​​or traditions in the world. Today, we will be looking at the most diverse celebrations in the world. We have selected festivals that take us from Japan to Greece and give you imaginary guitars or even centuries-old fights between churches. Keep reading, as these five festivals in the world will surprise you and open your mind well.

  1. Tinku, Bolivia

Every May 3, more than 3,000 indigenous people from different communities congregate in Macha, a town of about 300 inhabitants. Even though the celebration begins with traditional music and dances, it does not take long to arrive at the expected moment for which everyone has come: the fistfights. During the Tinku, men, women and children face strangers in hand-to-hand combat. As they say, violence is the least of it; The important thing is to spill the adversary’s blood since this will ensure prosperity, fertility and manhood.

Many use that moment to settle outstanding accounts during the previous year with members of other communities. Still, it is also common to see them chatting with laughter like great friends after the bloody combats.

  1. Air Guitar Fest, Finland

Who has never pretended to play an imaginary guitar while playing an epic solo of some song? Well, for some is a spontaneous and fun moment. For others, it is pure competition. Every August, hundreds of “ghost guitarists” gather in Finland to prove to a jury that they are the best in the world at playing the imaginary guitar. Originality, preparation, stage presence and audience response are some of the factors that are taken into account when deciding who will be the champion. One of the advantages of this hobby is how little you spend on guitars, would you dare? Well, you have until the second week of August to sign up since they usually celebrate it on the last weekend of the month.

  1. Battles of Oranges of Ivrea, Italy

For many, the Spanish celebration of “La Tomatina de Buñol” is already very crazy, in which people participate in an excellent tomato war. Watch out for what happens in Italy. Hundreds of people come together to wage a war in which they throw oranges at each other. Thus they recall the daughter of a miller who in the Middle Ages revealed herself to the baron who was starving the city.

A very colourful and original celebration to which we recommend wearing a good helmet to avoid being knocked out by an orange shot. It is celebrated during the carnival party that usually moves its dates each year between the first weeks of February.

  1. Songkran – The Festival of the Waters, Thailand

Songkran is one of the funniest festivals in Thailand and for which many people match their travel dates to the country. These dates coincide with what was previously officially the Thai New Year in April. Until 1941, they decided to go on to celebrate December 31, like most countries. The tradition marked in that celebration that it was necessary to throw water on the Buddhas of all the temples and use that same blessed water to wet the back of the elderly as a sign of respect. Over the years, the religious sense was lost to give way to a fun battle where young and old play to throw water from buckets, bags, hoses or balloons. A refreshing celebration ideal to beat the heat of the country!

  1. Rouketopolemos -Rocket Warfare, Greece

Every year Vrontados hosts the night before Easter Sunday, this surreal tradition to which we recommend going with all possible security measures. This fight, strange as it sounds, is not between the people but between two rival churches. The churches of San Marcos and Panagia Ereithiani, 400 meters away and on a small hill each, are fired at night and for hours thousands of pyrotechnic rockets. The following day and with the sunlight, each one counts how many times the bell of his church was struck to know the victor. The funny thing is that they have never agreed who has won in all the centuries that they have been celebrating this firecracker war, and they are summoned the following year to resolve the dispute finally.


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