Five paradises in the Philippines that you cannot miss

The Philippines is in fashion. The Southeast Asian archipelago was previously an unknown destination and remained in the shadow of other nearby countries such as Thailand. However, the paradisiacal images of its 7,107 islands have begun to fill the screens of millions of electronic devices in recent months. With this article, we want to give you the last push to buy the next ticket to this beautiful country full of spectacular corners.

Read on and take note of the five paradises in the Philippines that you cannot miss.

  1. The Nest (El Nido)

The best-known paradise on the island of Palawan has a name in Spanish. The reason is simple: the salanganas (small birds typical of the place) make their nests in the recesses of the imposing limestone rock islets. These nests created by their slimy saliva can be worth more than $ 3,000 per kilo as they are the main component of the valuable Chinese swallow’s nest soup. So, due to its fame, back in 1954, this group of islands received its current name.

Either way, El Nido is the main reason why many come to the Philippines. Touring the archipelago in its traditional boats, the bangkas, and discovering secret beaches, freshwater lagoons surrounded by sharp rocks, snorkelling through colourful reefs and eating delicious fresh grilled fish by the sea should be a compulsory subject in all the schools.

  1. Port Barton

Although less known than El Nido, without leaving Palawan, Port Barton is the favourite corner of many travellers travelling through the Philippines. This town has no more than two streets, Rizal St. and Bonifacio St., which end up in the sea. Because the road to access it is not yet 100% paved, in Port Barton, you will not hear cars, and you will feel that you have moved to Eden itself.

Go to Port Barton if you want to discover desert islands like German Island, swim with turtles, stroll along the deserted White Beach or wake up each morning to the sound of the waves.

  1. Malapascua

Not a few have come to this island from the Visayas region and have been “stuck” forever. So, if you want to take the risk of staying for a long time on a paradise island with beaches of white sand and very transparent water, do not hesitate to travel the kilometres that separate it from Cebu. Not only that, Malapascua is a very special place for another reason: it is one of the few places in the world where you can come face to face with the thresher shark, a beautiful specimen of almost 5 meters with a tail that usually exceeds 50 % of its total length.

  1. Banaue and Batad

The rice terraces you’ll find in the Cordillera region of the Philippines are over 2,000 years old. It is incredible to contemplate these intense green amphitheatres built by a man so long ago and that they remain so beautiful. Venture out on a trek through the rice fields of Banaue and Batad and see first-hand the interesting culture of the Ifugao people, who have lived surrounded by this breathtaking beauty for centuries.

  1. Donsol

The Philippines is also a paradise under the sea and, therefore, it is listed as one of the best places in the world for diving. In addition to impressive diving spots such as Balicasag, Malapascua or Apo Reef, you should not miss the opportunity to go to Donsol to meet the imposing whale shark responsibly if you are an animal lover. In this small town of Luzon, you can swim with them between January and April, when they come to the bay to eat plankton.

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