Free things to do in New York

Learn About The Top Free Things To Do In New York

New York is known worldwide for icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or Central Park. If we think of a trip to the Big Apple, perhaps one of the first things to mind is the price. Manhattan has a reputation for being a very expensive island… and so it is in many respects. However, it is also possible to save and even carry out some activities in the city for free. And to prove it, here are five free things to do in New York, so prepare your passport, suitcase and travel insurance as we leave.

  1. Ferry to Staten Island

There is no doubt that the Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous and visited monuments globally. If we want to get close to it, we must take one of the many boats available or rent a helicopter to fly over it. Another option is to visit the island or even the statue itself inside. However, all these options are paid and also tend to be busy. For those looking for another opportunity then it is highly recommended to take the Ferry to Staten Island. They are massive ships that sail continuously from southern Manhattan (next to the South Ferry subway stop) to Staten Island. A trip of about 30 minutes allows you to see the Statue of Liberty from a relatively close distance in addition to enjoying some breathtaking views of the New York ‘skyline’. And best of all, the ferries… are free!

  1. Visit the museums of New York

Another of New York’s strong points are the museums. Some of them are the most visited in the world and contain works of art and exhibits perfect for lovers of this type of venue. Although the vast majority of them are paid, the truth is that many others work with the system called ‘pay what you wish. What does this mean? That each visitor can pay whatever price they want to enter the museum as if it were a kind of symbolic price. Although many of them, such as the Natural History Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, indicate exact entrance prices, in reality, that is an approximate cost with which they try to identify visitors.

Other museums such as the 9/11 Memorial Museum or the Guggenheim Museum are paid, but they become free or ‘pay what you wish on several days a month. The ideal is to consult different websites of the museums or in the tourist offices.

  1. Cable car to Roosevelt Island

Although this is not a free activity, the truth is that it is one of the most unknown, yet it will hardly cost you a few pennies. The usual thing for a tourist who visits New York is to move mainly in the subway, and therefore he will buy an unlimited transport card for several days since it is the most recommended option. If so, it’s worth going to the station for the Roosevelt Island Tramway, then picking a cable car that crosses the East River parallel to the Roosevelt Bridge. If you have one of those unlimited cards, transportation in this original cable car is included, just like if it were a subway ride. In addition to enjoying incredible views, the baby of the house will enjoy, knowing that this is the cable car that Spiderman himself saved after destroying the Green Goblin’s plan in one of his movies.

  1. Visit the central park

It is not a secret that Central Park is completely free and that it is visited by more than 37 million people a year, but that is not why it should not be overlooked. This gigantic 341-hectare site is located in the heart of Manhattan Island and is open year-round. In it, you can find beautiful areas to take a walk or take pictures such as the Belvedere Castle, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reserve or the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Thousands of movies and television series have been shot there too. So, a simple walk through the park will bring back many memories at any time of the year.

  1. Visit Chelsea market & the high line

East of the island of Manhattan is one of the most unrecognizable areas of New York since it is a neighbourhood that has been transformed in recent decades. Today’s Chelsea Market has become a meeting point for young entrepreneurs, artists, students and, ultimately, people looking for a touch of modernity mixed with the original decoration of its manufacturing past. This building was the old OREO cookie factory decades ago, and today it has restaurants and offices, including the Google headquarters in New York, among others. Right in front of the market is The High Line, a park elevated above the street, built on an old railway line, several kilometres long.


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