How to survive a long flight: Essential tips

How to survive a long flight: Essential tips


It’s a vacation, and when you say vacation, you might want to fly. Are you going to the other side of the world for the first time? Lucky! But before reaching your destination, you may have to face your most remarkable anguish: numbness or swelling of the feet from spending many hours sitting, boredom if you cannot sleep, or discomfort.

Unless you have opted for a Business ticket, this flight will likely be in Eco class. That entails being screwed into a seat that is not always comfortable and trapped between a hundred other passengers. This isn’t very encouraging. But don’t panic. Luckily there are some tips you need to know to survive a long-haul flight. These include:

  1. Choose your seat well

It all starts when you choose your seat when booking your flight. One of the most important long-haul flying tips is to choose a good seat whenever possible. There are many parameters to conclude with the perfect seat. If you need more legroom, opt for the emergency exit rows. If you prefer to avoid children, stay away from the front of the plane. If you like getting around the plane, make sure to get an aisle seat.

Furthermore, choosing a good seat on the plane makes a difference on every flight, but on long flights, it’s critical. A long flight means that you will spend several hours sitting in the same place and that occasional needs, such as going to the bathroom, stretching your legs, or forgetting about the engine noise, will undoubtedly arise.

While it may be more expensive, it’s worth considering purchasing a place that best suits your needs. For example, the aisle seats make it easier to go to the lavatories and, if you are closer to the cockpit, you will hear less noise than in the back area of ​​the plane. In addition, chairs near the emergency exits should also be avoided, as these cannot be reclined.

  1. Opt for comfortable clothes

In addition to the discomfort of a long flight, the discomfort caused by the clothes chosen will seem even worse.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose very comfortable clothes, preferably baggy, and that do not squeeze your legs or feet.

Also, avoid wearing clothes that are too hot or too cool, as planes, despite being climate-controlled, tend to get hot or cold at times. The ideal is to avoid using just one piece, making layers beforehand, which you can wear or take off to ensure your maximum well-being.

  1. Carry loaded devices

A computer, mobile phone, mp4 or tablet can be a big help in filling time on a long flight. Even so, most seats on the plane do not have plugs, so it is strongly recommended that you carry these devices charged and/or that you also have a power bank.

  1. Consider comfort items

Carrying some elements in your hand luggage that can contribute to your comfort is an excellent idea if you are on a long-haul flight.

These comfort elements can be chewing gum, wet wipes, tissues, moisturizing creams (up to 100 ml), or cider lipstick.

  1. Don’t sit still all the time

Admittedly, the plane doesn’t have much room for exercise. Still, occasionally getting up or even sitting down, reaching out, making foot movements, or rolling your neck and shoulders can help keep your body from feeling so sore and numb. Also, take advantage of trips to the toilets to stretch and exercise your legs.

  1. Try to sleep

On long flights, getting some sleep can be a good idea. Take a neck pillow with you and, if you think it’s appropriate, ask your pharmacist or doctor for something to help you fall asleep.

  1. Avoid heavy or too much food

Going on a long trip and feeling like you’re going to have a heart attack is not a good idea. The conditions offered by the plane are conducive to digestive difficulties and, as such, eating light food is a good idea.

Inside the plane, the ideal is to opt for snacks instead of large meals. If you decide to have lunch or dinner onboard, it is important to remember that the body is better able to digest hot food.

  1. Avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages

Both caffeine and alcohol can cause dehydration and make you, in addition to a more restless flight, have greater difficulties in adapting to jetlag.

These drinks will also likely keep you from falling asleep or make you more irritable, adding to the discomfort of the journey.

  1. Take a book or magazine

If you like to read, a book or magazine can be a good companion during your flight. Usually, on the plane itself, you will also have other reading materials.

  1. Wear earplugs

Whether by its passengers or by the engine, the constant noise of the plane can be annoying after a while.

Earplugs are often provided by airlines, including low-cost airlines. Try to use them and discover a more peaceful way to make your flights.

In addition to following these tips for greater comfort on long flights, being aware of the rules and your rights concerning airlines can also make a difference. This would also make you more relaxed and reduce anxiety while in the air.

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