Incredible places to see in Chile

Chile is a destination dreamed of by many travelers. Its narrow and elongated shape, in the southwest of South America, gives the country a huge variety of natural landscapes that will take your breath away. Snowy highlands, endless deserts, coasts with huge cliffs and charming towns await you to fall in love. Today we bring you some incredible places to see in Chile that will make you feel like you are in a fictional movie. For this great movie to have a happy ending, don’t forget to get international health insurance before starting your adventure.

  1. Easter Island

For many, visiting Easter Island is one of their great traveling dreams. Just over 5 hours by plane from the mainland, this mysterious and magical island always occupies the top positions on the lists of the essentials to see in Chile. When you put your feet in it, you will feel magical energy in this land presided over by the famous Moais. These fascinating, huge stone-carved busts are Easter Island’s most famous icon. Tour the place visiting its beaches, seabed, volcanoes such as Terekava and Rano Kau and, above all, do not miss the opportunity to meet the Rapanui, the friendly inhabitants of the island. The sunset in front of the moais of Tongariki is one of those things that you will not forget easily.

  1. Chiloé

As we have already told you, the orography of this country makes the scenarios you will find completely change from one place to another. Just over 1000 kilometres south of Santiago de Chile, in Puerto Montt, you will have to take a boat to cross the Chacao Channel. Once you land in Chiloé, doubts will assail you. Have I gone to another country? Am I in a fairy tale? About this archipelago, there are dozens of legends and mythological stories. But do not worry about the souls that say they live on the cliffs. You will be so busy enjoying one of the places with the most things to see in Chile that you will not even know of their presence. Marine gastronomy will make your palate not want to eat anything else. Its green meadows will transport you to landscapes of Scotland, and the charm of its buildings facing the sea, built on long and thin piles between the 18th and 19th centuries, will leave you speechless.

  1. Punta Arenas

In the extreme south of the country, the landscapes go through a huge metamorphosis to give us another of the most incredible things to see in Chile, Punta Arenas. If you are a lover of animals and marine fauna, you cannot miss this place. Depending on the season you choose, you can find populations of different species there. Only 35 kilometres by the sea, on Magdalena Island, resides one of the largest penguin populations in Chile, with more than 60,000 pairs. The best dates to walk between them are between November and March. Not far from there, on Isla Marta, you will have the opportunity to greet a colony of more than 1000 most noisy sea lions.

  1. The Red Lagoon

The next on our list of incredible places to see in Chile is not usually within the typical “What to do in Chile” lists that you will find. Despite being known by the locals, who call it “The Red Sea”, the Red Lagoon was not “discovered and recognized” by the National Tourism Service until 2009. The most recent studies indicate that, most likely, the reddish colour of its waters is due to microalgae that live inside. On the other hand, local people warn that this phenomenon is caused by the blood of thousands of missing souls. Also, next to the Red Lagoon is the Green Lagoon and the Yellow Lagoon, which they say start to bubble when unpleasant people approach. If you want, you can bathe there at more than 40 degrees.

  1. Queulat National Park

In the heart of Chilean Patagonia, the Queulat National Park or, as many call it, the Enchanted Forest of Queulat awaits you. If you go for a walk inside, you will begin your adventure surrounded by lush green vegetation. This is usually so intense that it will seem unreal. Stop for a moment and be silent. The wind moving the foliage, the song of the different species of endemic birds of the region and the occasional rodent prowling near you will overwhelm you. Moss, lichen, and large trees will gradually separate to give way to a different landscape. A great hanging glacier from which you will see epic waterfalls descend. This is one of our favourite incredible places to see in Chile. You understand why right?

  1. Torres del Paine National Park

The National Park Towers of the Paine is, for many travelers, the main reason for the visit to this country. If you are looking for a mountainous landscape to see in Chile to do one of the most spectacular trekking, this is your place. The famous “W” -shaped hiking route will take you through incredible lakes, peaks over 3000 meters high and glaciers, until you reach one of the most iconic points of the route: the viewpoint of the Towers, with a panoramic dreamlike view. If you think that a very long route may be a problem for you, don’t worry, different routes guarantee unique views.

  1. Valley of the Moon

We finish our list of amazing places to see in Chile with a place that not only seems to be taken from another country. This, directly, could be from another planet. Only 13 kilometres west of San Pedro de Atacama, we find this wonder that was declared, in 1982, a Sanctuary of Nature. On your visit to the Valley of the Moon, you will enjoy large dunes, dry lakes, huge salt flats and rugged mountains in an arid landscape that seems to change colour as the day progresses. If you also visit it on a full moon day, the image is tremendous.

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