Perfect corners of Spain to disconnect

If you like nature and nearby paradises, you’re in luck because today, we will show you some perfect corners of Spain to disconnect and enjoy an unforgettable getaway. Do you want to forget about the rush, the dictation of the clock and invest all your energy in doing what you really want? Well, take note. Spain is full of beautiful corners that await you just around the corner. Some are well known and others not so much, but we assure you that all of them deserve your free time.

  1. Catoira (Pontevedra)

Fluvial beaches, forests, marshes, petroglyphs, hiking trails, wind, tide and watermills, a Viking pilgrimage -declared International Tourist Interest- held in August, and the Torres del Oeste, a fortified complex from the s. IX that resisted the attacks of the Norman armies and Saracen pirates. You will find all this in Catoira, a beautiful town of the Rías Baixas located at the mouth of the Ulla river. A word of advice: download the Torres de Oeste app, which contains historical information about the fortress and the Viking pilgrimage, information of interest and an audio guide. It is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

  1. Irati Forest (Navarra)

In spring, it is stained green. In autumn, of intense yellows, browns and reds, only the Black Forest of Germany beat it in extension, not beauty. We are talking about the Irati Forest, the second-largest and best-preserved beech-fir forest in Europe. A practically virgin forest, located in the eastern Pyrenees of Navarre, where they say that mythological beings such as lamias or Basajaun, the lord of the forest, live, who will protect you while you travel its marked trails on foot or by mountain bike. Streams, ferns, enclaves lost in the thicket … Disconnecting from everything has never been so easy in Irati. Of course, do not forget your maxim: be responsible and respect the fauna, vegetation and heritage of this natural treasure whose ecological value is priceless.

  1. Las Médulas (El Bierzo, León)

If you go to the El Bierzo region of León, you will discover a landscape that would be said to be from another world: Las Médulas. In its day, it was the largest open-pit gold mine in the Roman Empire. Today it is a much more valuable treasure declared a World Heritage Site. A whim of nature moulded by man formed by cliffs of red sand that emerge from the vegetation. To understand the value of this cultural landscape, it is best to start your visit in the archaeological classroom and then go to the visitor reception centre, where you will be informed of the routes that run through this ancient site. Essential: at sunset, go up to the Orellán viewpoint to see how the sun sets between Las Médulas. It is a harrowing experience.

  1. Pals (Girona)

In a list of local tourism and getaways to disconnect like this, Pals could not be missing. It is a municipality located in the heart of the Empordà that has everything you need to forget about the routine. A beautiful walled medieval town with cobbled streets, sandstone houses and Visigothic towers, and an extensive beach divided into two sections -Platja del Grau and Platja Gran-, perfect for going with the family, practising water sports or resting with the Medes islands such as Background curtain. Speaking of views, go up to the Quermany massif to contemplate a panoramic view that includes the town, the marsh area, the rice fields and the beach. Back in the city, which belongs to the association Cittaslow, try its most typical dish, thearròs de Pals a la casserole.

  1. Torcal de Antequera (Malaga)

Just 30 kilometres from Malaga, another World Heritage Site awaits you, the Torcal de Antequera, one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europe. One thousand one hundred seventy-one hectares of streams, gorges and caves. It is also composed of a puzzle of limestone, marine fossils and rocks that emerged from the Tethys Sea, ice and wind. You can tour it on your own or with a guided tour. Whatever your option, try to be there at sunset to watch the last rays of the sun blur its rugged physiognomy. Walk as much as you want along its trails, but do not forget to visit the exhibition area of ​​the visitor centre and go to the Mirador de las ventanillas. Really worth it.

  1. Valldemossa (Mallorca)

Another destination to isolate yourself from the world? Valldemossa, one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca and, for many, in all of Spain. The Real Cartuja, the palace of King Sancho or the old monastery of Miramar are just some examples of its heritage. Add to it its location, in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, and a physiognomy of streets and cobbled houses that has not changed for centuries, and you will understand why it managed to dazzle geniuses like Rubén Darío, Unamuno, or Chopin and George Sand. They found the inspiration they were looking for in this Balearic corner. This is also the perfect place to disconnect from the routine. You will find the best panoramic views in the viewpoints of Puig de Sa Moneda and Miranda des Lladoners and in Sa Marina, the port of Valldemossa.


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