The best beaches in Spain for surfing

The best beaches in Spain for surfing

If you are a lover of taming waves with your board, you will know that destinations such as Australia or Indonesia have some of the best surfing beaches in the world. However, if these dream destinations are too far for you, don’t worry. We have prepared a list of the best beaches to surf in Spain and thus prevent your board from becoming a mere decorative element in your room. So get on the wave as we get started!

  1. Mundaka, Vizcaya

For many, this is the best beach for surfing in Spain. “Discovered” in the late 1970s by a group of Australian seekers of new places to enjoy the sea, Mundaka beach offers one of the best waves in all of Europe. Surfers come to it from all over the world, but given the long tubes formed on a sandy bottom, it is more recommended for those who already have some years of experience. However, when the waters are calmer, intermediate level practitioners can also enjoy this sport.

  1. Zarautz, Guipúzcoa

The Cantabrian Sea is the birthplace of some of the best surfers in Spain, and this is undoubtedly due to the high quality of the waves it continually offers. In Zarautz, you will find the longest beach in the entire Basque Country. One of the strengths of this coastline of more than 2 kilometres is that it offers spots for surfers of all levels and ages. Therefore, whatever your level is, you can approach it throughout the year with your board. Not far from there you will be able to see live, on the road from Zarautz to Getaria, one of the most dangerous waves in the north of the country, known as “Roca Puta”. This one shines in all its splendour during heavy winter swells.

  1. Pantín, La Coruña

Without leaving the north, we find another of the best beaches in Spain for surfing, this time in Galicia. This is an ideal destination for intermediate surfers, as it offers long waves that can be easily mastered without the need for a very advanced level. Every year, at the end of August, the Pantín Classic Galicia Pro takes place there. This event attracts renowned surfers worldwide and has been declared a Galician Festival of Tourist Interest. Almost 1 kilometre long, this surfing beach forms a kind of horseshoe with waves almost yearly. Naturally, the best time to enjoy it is during winter, but if you choose these dates, do not forget to take a good neoprene with you to protect you from the intense cold.

  1. La Mata, Alicante

One of the best beaches for surfing in Spain on the Mediterranean Sea? That’s how it is! Although the Cantabrian Sea is home to the top beaches to practise this sport, La Mata is the best if you want to move around the eastern part of the country. This has a wave of approximately one and a half meters, upright and with a breaker on the beach. One of the strengths of coming to this beach is that the temperatures you will find are much more bearable than those in the north. During the colder months, December-February, the water averages around a pleasant 15 degrees.

  1. Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Now board your board on a flight to the Canary Islands, since there you will find the next destination on our list of the best beaches for surfing in Spain. As you may already know, one of the country’s strengths is the temperatures. Here, a layer of lycra or a light neoprene will suffice to enter the water. Fuerteventura is known as the “European Hawaii”, and among the more than 150 kilometres of beach, you can find this little surfer jewel. Here you will enjoy waves from left and right, winter being the best time to ride them if you are experienced.

  1. El Quemao, Lanzarote

We continue through the Canary Islands. In El Quemado, Lanzarote breaks one of the bravest and most feared waves in the entire Atlantic Ocean. The terrain in which it does it, a shallow volcanic and affiliated soil, and the incredible energy it arrives, make this beach a point only suitable for experts. The risk is undoubtedly high, but the possibility of completing a perfect and memorable tube leads many to take the risk and take a few bumps and cuts.

  1. Tarifa, Cadiz

The Tarifa area is also a magnet for surfers. It offers some of the best beaches in Spain for surfing, but it also enjoys good weather, unique gastronomy, and a unique atmosphere that is only found in Andalusia. Two of the most recommended areas are El Balneario and Punta Paloma . You will find the first one between the famous Las Lances beach and Playa Chica. Due to the currents, the rocks and the large influx of other lovers of this sport, it will be necessary for you to move with precision, so it is recommended for those who already have a certain level. On the other hand, Punta Paloma is much more recommended for those who are still learning, as it offers a fun and easy wave to tame.

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