The best low-cost destinations in the world

Traveling at a low cost does not only mean carrying a backpack on your shoulder. Usually, traveling on a low budget implies looking for a cheaper way to travel and independently traveling through countries and interacting closely with the locals. For all this, there are more recommended places if what you want is a good combination of incredible landscapes, friendly people and reasonable prices that will not make you go broke. Discover with us the best low-cost destinations in the world.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for low-cost travellers. In addition to offering one of the best value for money globally when it comes to accommodation, this Southeast Asian country is perfect if you are looking to move at your own pace. From north to south, you can travel from the cultural Chiang Mai or Sukhothai to the quintessential diving destination, Koh Tao, by public transport without spending too much money. In addition, Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy street food. The gastronomy of its night markets, where you can eat for up to one euro, is in itself a reason to pack your backpack and travel to this beautiful corner of the world.

  1. Peru

There is no list of “the wonders of the world” that does not include Machu Picchu as one of them. To get there and contemplate the picture you have long dreamed of, it is best to walk the famous Inca Trail and soak up that unique landscape during the days that this route lasts. However, Peru has much more to offer you and within reach of your low-cost budget. Start by tasting one of the best gastronomies on the planet in Lima in the restaurants that locals go to and then discover one of the most complete countries in South America by public transport and without breaking the bank.

  1. Nepal

Grab your backpack and discover the charms of Nepal without too much rush. The Asian country is usually a respite for all those who come somewhat “stressed” from India, not only because of its people (which are generally quieter) but because everywhere, you will find heart-stopping landscapes. Venture on one of the multi-day or week-long trekkings through the Annapurnas, enjoy cities with many histories like Kathmandu or Patan and delve into the exciting nature of the Chitwan National Park.

  1. Sri Lanka

Not long ago, it seemed that no one knew this Asian country. However, what they call the “Tear of India” has all the ballots to become the new fashionable cheap destination. There are many reasons for it to be successful and being a simple country to be travelled alone and without intermediaries. It is perfect for those who like to travel at a meagre cost. With the exception of the ticket prices to certain monuments, in Sri Lanka, you can explore beautiful places such as the Minneriya National Park and its elephants or the Nuwara Eliya tea fields for very little money.

  1. Guatemala

What does Guatemala not have prepared for the budget traveller? Although tiny, this country will surprise you with colourful colonial cities, ancient ruins and raging volcanoes. Also, find out that it is possible to travel it by “chicken bus”, some fun buses of many colours that will take you to every corner for ridiculous prices and in which you can interact with its inhabitants. Pack your suitcase now and discover places in Central America such as the famous Lake Atitlán, Antigua and the Chichicastenango market, one of the largest open-air markets in the world.


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