The best Low-Cost plans in Budapest

The best Low-Cost plans in Budapest

If there is a low-cost queen in Europe, that is Budapest. Neither Vienna nor Prague, the capital of Hungary, is the one that offers the best value for money in accommodation and food and, at the same time, surprises you with many free plans or for a small little amount. Come and discover how to spend your holidays with the best Low-Cost plans in Budapest selected for you.

  1. Take a bath at the Széchenyi Spa

The Széchenyi Thermal Baths are one of the best spas in Budapest not only for their modern Renaissance architecture, which is spectacular but also for the variety of pools with medicinal waters that you will find. The most spectacular is the one that is outdoors and in which we suggest you take a bath after a long day of sightseeing and when it is very cold outside since taking a dip in its hot water is an absolute wonder. Do not be scared. Taking a bath in the Széchenyi baths is within reach of all budgets since you will find tickets from € 14.

  1. Party in the best ruin bars

Indeed, you’ve heard of the ruin bars of Budapest. These pubs are, for many, the hallmark of the Aquarian nightlife. Created in old buildings that look like they are going to fall, ruin bars are well-kept places, and this is where you have to head for a good pint of Dreher beer or a shot of the traditional pálinka. In addition, the prices of the drinks in these pubs are very moderate and perfect for your backpacking budget!

  1. Go up to see the views from Mount Gellert

Fully accessible on foot, since it slightly exceeds 200 meters in height, the Gellert Hill will give you impressive views of Budapest and without paying anything. We recommend you start your visit at the Budapest Citadel, where you will find a fortress and a bunker from the Second World War that you can visit, and then climb to the top to watch the sunset. There you will see the Statue of Liberty but, above all, you will have almost 360º views of the city with which you will be enthralled.

  1. Walk along Andrássy Avenue

Andrássy Avenue or Andrássy Útca is one of the most emblematic streets of Budapest and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2002. Full of Renaissance houses and palaces, the best thing to do is start walking from its beginning in the Erzsébet tér square and arrive at Városliget (the City Park), guarded by the imposing Heroes’ Square. As you pass, you will find incredible places such as the Opera building or the Liszt Ferenc square, full of bars and cafes where you can sit and rest your feet for a while.

  1. Rent a bike on Isla Margarita

Budapest is a city worth walking around, especially if you have time to get lost in beautiful neighborhoods such as the Jewish quarter. If the weather is also good, the ideal for a sunny morning is to walk to Isla Margarita and rent a bicycle for just under € 3 per hour to enjoy this piece of land between Budapest neighbourhoods. There you will also find beautiful gardens, a church, the ruins of a convent and an old water tank transformed into a viewpoint.

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