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When preparing for a new trip, everyone has their priorities. Some are looking for quiet places to relax. Others opt for beach days in the sun. Some prefer the mountains … Now, more and more travelers are looking for the best shopping destinations from which to return, as well as with beautiful memories, and with some products. This can be in the form of clothing, electronics, food or simply typical local souvenirs. Today, we want to show you some of the most popular destinations in this regard:

  1. Bangkok

Bangkok is a perfect destination for shopping. Many travellers often save the last day of their Thailand trip to tour the city for the best deals. One of the good things that this city offers shopping lovers is the possibility of shopping at almost any time of the day, thanks to the existence of the famous night markets. In them, you can buy both the typical souvenirs in the shape of elephant figures and comfortable and cheap clothes to make a gift. However, if you are looking for a higher budget, you may be interested in shopping centres such as Central World Siam, Siam Paragon, Terminal 21 or the famous MBK. In them, you will find leading brands of clothing and electronics. But it’s best to shop with caution, as many counterfeits are also sold there.

  1. New York

Do the test. Ask several people, “What is the shopping street par excellence in the world?” Without sweating, the vast majority will answer you the same: Fifth Avenue in New York. In that great avenue, you can find practically everything you are looking for. From well-known low-cost clothing brands such as Forever 21 to large luxury stores such as Tiffany’s, where Audrey Hepburn had breakfast with diamonds. If the store you are looking for is not specifically on Fifth Avenue, do not worry, you can indeed find it if you continue discovering everything that New York has to offer. Other shopping places in New York that you should not miss are the Macy’s department store., where you can find the giant piano from the movie “Big” or the incredible M&M World on Seventh Avenue.

  1. Singapore

Singapore seems to have more detractors than lovers, and the vast majority of travelers who pass by usually do so to make a stop before reaching another place. But, of course, everyone agrees, like it or not, that Singapore is one of the best shopping destinations out there. As far as shopping centres are concerned, in few streets of the world, you will find as many as in Orchard Road. After constructing the first one in the 50s, more and more began to be built until they plagued the entire street. Now many are connected by underground passageways! Some of the most famous are Ngee Ann City, Tangs, Ion Orchard or Mandarin Gallery. If you prefer to shop in Singapore elsewhere, you can do it in some of its ethnic neighbourhoods, such as Little India or Chinatown, where you can find, in some cases, better prices.

  1. Hong Kong

The three previous shopping destinations have always been in the top positions to a greater or lesser extent. Now more and more, the name of another ideal place for shopping is heard: Hong Kong. If you are going to find one thing there, it is diversity. There is a shop where you can buy something interesting in almost every corner, whatever you are looking for. If you like street markets, you should go to the most important, the Ladies Market. It received this name because a large part of its products is aimed at the female public. If you visit it, you should know that all prices are approximate since you are expected to haggle. If you go shopping in Hong Kong; In areas such as Soho, Central or Admiralty, you will find top brand stores such as, for example, Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. If you are looking for a department store to find everything from big labels to small shops, your destination is Lane Crawford.

  1. Moscow

The Russia that Gorbachev left has changed a lot in recent years and is now, for many, a shopper’s paradise. On a trip to Russia, Moscow is an ideal place to do some shopping before returning home. Taking a walk from Red Square, you will arrive at Okhoktny Ryad. It has three levels under the ground with more than 100 shops and restaurants where you can find some of the best prices. However, if you are looking for “a little more level”, we recommend that you go to the GUM shopping centre. This beautiful 19th-century building hides some of the world’s most sought-after brands.

  1. Tokyo, shopping freak

Tokyo usually forces you to buy, even if you are not willing to do so. After your trip to Japan, you will be thrilled at the moment when something surprises you or catches your attention. Many of these things you will want to take home with you, and your luggage will grow as you travel the country. If you’re going to wait until the end and go shopping in Tokyo, we will suggest the best areas. Through the Ginza district, you can stroll at ease among some of the most expensive stores in the world and buy from leading brands if your budget allows it. If you would like to purchase electronics, photography, anime or manga in Tokyo, do not hesitate, you must go to the Akihabara neighbourhood. This is a true paradise for electronics lovers, and you can find great deals. Do you want to get souvenirs at the best price? Look for one of the Don Quixote stores, and for a few yen, you will get big purchases.

  1. Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar

We have told you about shopping destinations where you can find department stores with hundreds of stores. What if we now take you to a place with more than 4000? In Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar awaits you, where the tricky thing will be that you do not find something interesting to take home with you among so many crafts and jewellery. Ideal both to get something for yourself and something to give as a gift. Likewise, the city also has a large shopping centre with exciting shops, in case the Grand Bazzar overwhelms you, this is called Kanyon Shopping, and in it, you will also find a great variety of shops that you should not miss.


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