The best travel destinations for parents and children

Choosing a destination when traveling as a family is not always an easy task. During the holidays, we seek to enjoy as much as possible, but are there destinations where children and parents can enjoy a great time alike? The answer is an absolute yes. That is why today, we reveal to you which are the best destinations to travel as a family and that no one gets bored for a single day.

  1. Iceland

Without any doubt, Iceland is establishing itself as one of the most desired destinations for travelers from all over the world. A few years ago, more than 2.5 million foreigners visited the well-known island of ice and fire. This figure contrasts with its number of inhabitants since Icelander’s number is just over 337,000.

But, its landscapes with an unpronounceable name, its friendly horses, and its fascinating legends, make it the perfect destination for any traveler, even to travel with the family.

Like many other Nordic countries, Iceland is more than ready to welcome children and treat them like royalty. In addition, you can take them to thermal pools, beaches with ice diamonds where seals roam in the wild, watch the sky fill with colors during the northern lights, explain how the sun turned trolls into rocks. Everyone in your family will enjoy it like never before

In addition, in Iceland, it does not matter if you travel with a backpack on your back or with a rolling suitcase; if you like camping or prefer hotels with private bathrooms; if you want to travel by camper, motor home, or rental car. Iceland has it all and makes it easy to travel as a family!

  1. Japan

Getting to Japan is a long journey, and it can make you dizzy from having to survive with a child during a long trip by plane. But the rewards are enormous, both for the children and for you.

It will be an immense avenue for the children in the house to discover a culture utterly different from their own; to try new foods, such as noodles or sushi, that you are sure to love. You can also hallucinate with the massive temples, the neon lights of the big cities, or the infinite toy stores of all imaginable types.

In addition, traveling to Japan as a family will allow you to discover that the Japanese are even friendlier than you imagined. They adore the little ones, and if they are Westerners, you have guaranteed smiles wherever you go.

  1. Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the best islands of the Canary archipelago, with the most incredible variety of landscapes and leisure options to enjoy with children.

With a temperature that does not usually drop below 15 degrees in the winter months, Lanzarote is, obviously, an excellent option to binge on the beach and pool at any time of the year.

But, apart from paradisiacal beaches, you can visit volcano craters in the Timanfaya National Park, dive into the depths of the earth in the Cueva de Los Verdes, and even those who choose to become true explorers on the semi-desert island from La Graciosa.

  1. New York

New York is always a perfect plan for any trip, whether alone, as a couple, with friends, or traveling as a family.

Stroll among skyscrapers, have a picnic in Central Park, fly over Manhattan by helicopter, watch an NBA game at Madison Square Garden, tour the Brooklyn Bridge, learn countless secrets about dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History. New York is full of options to enjoy with children!

Of course, if your children are small and you still travel with a stroller, keep in mind that it is not the best-adapted city to move around with a stroller. So, you mustn’t forget the baby carrier at home.

  1. Brittany and Normandy

If you are lovers of road trips, visiting the French regions of Brittany and Normandy will be your best option. Small fairytale towns mix with Atlantic beaches in the middle of large cliffs that hide great secrets from one of the critical moments of the 20th century: World War II.

Also, if you want to turn the trip into an adventure for your little ones, you have to know that France is the country in Europe with the most campsites, and many of them have exclusive services for traveling families. So, don’t hesitate, rent a caravan or pitch your tent. Your children will surely be delighted to sleep in the middle of nature.

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