The Best volcanoes to visit on a trip

The Best volcanoes to visit on a trip

Magical, intriguing, dangerous… Volcanoes are magnets for travellers in love with nature. So, if you would like to be near any of these windows to the planet’s interior, contemplate lava or even climb to the top, take a look at the list that we have made below. And, remember, if it is already essential to travel with international medical insurance to common destinations, you should not think twice if you will approach a volcano!

Best volcanoes to see while travelling

Some of the best volcanoes to visit on a trip includes:

  1. Mount Fuji, Japan

The Fuji is the emblem of Japan and also its highest peak. Covered in snow for much of the year, Mount Fuji is a perfect volcanic cone with little risk of eruption. Thus, it is possible to admire its 3,776 meters of altitude from its slopes since you can reach the top. If you are more relaxed, head to the beautiful towns of Kawaguchiko or Hakone, where, if the day is clear, you can enjoy views of the Japanese giant behind beautiful lakes. If you are more adventurous and visit Japan in July and August (the easiest months to ascend), you can climb to the top and enjoy what will surely be one of the most special sunrises of your life.

On the other hand, it is also possible to see the beautiful Fuji-san from some viewpoints in Tokyo, such as the Metropolitan Government Building.

  1. Mount Mayón, Philippines

One of the best volcanoes to visit on a trip is the beautiful Mayón volcano, located in the Philippines. You can ask for a seat close to the window on the plane that will take you to Legazpi, east of Manila. With this, you will be able to enjoy this perfect 2,421-meter volcanic cone upon landing. El Mayón is located just a few kilometres from the city and is active, so much so that in January 2018, it erupted again. Therefore, at the moment, it is not possible to climb to the top, as was done before. However, it is possible to admire its beauty from the outskirts. You can also go on a quad bike and enjoy its magnificence from a distance.

In addition, without leaving the Philippine island of Luzon, you can visit other active volcanoes such as Taal or Pinatubo. There is so much more to see in the Philippines besides beaches!

  1. Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

Would you like to see the lava inside a volcano? Then, Nicaragua has to be your place! Less than an hour from the beautiful colonial city of Granada is the Masaya volcano, formed by a set of calderas and craters. In 2015, there was an ascent of magma in the Santiago crater. This thus made it possible to contemplate one of the most exciting phenomena in nature: the bubbling of lava. In addition, you will not believe how simple it is, because you can get to the volcano in a car and you will only have to look out to witness the show.

  1. Teide, Spain

Spain also has one of the best volcanoes to visit on a trip. As the highest peak and flagship of the Canary Islands, Mount Teide is a jewel that you cannot miss at least once in your life. In addition to visiting the national park and enjoying its viewpoints known as the viewpoint of La Tarta or Los Roques de García, you can also ascend to almost 3,718 meters above sea level of the volcano. Whether by cable car or walking, do not miss witnessing a sunset or sunrise from the peak of Teide. Because, possibly, it will be a moment that you will never forget.

  1. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is a country full of volcanoes. In addition to the famous Agung, located on the island of Bali and which has erupted several times in recent years, in Java, you will find two incredible volcanoes to visit: Kawah Ijen and Bromo. It is the second that we are talking about today, perhaps because of the majestic landscape, it offers to every traveller. This active volcano of 2,329 meters of altitude is located in the centre of a plain, the so-called “Sea of ​​Sand”, surrounded by two more mountains: the Batok and the Semeru.

Its last eruption was in 2015, but at the moment, it is completely safe for every visitor. The best way to enjoy the Bromo volcano is by watching the sunrise from Mount Penanjakan and then travelling by jeep to the volcano’s slopes.

  1. Poás, Costa Rica

We return to Central America to recommend other beautiful volcanoes to visit. In addition to the well-known Arenal volcano, which has a dedicated national park where you can admire the lava flows from recent eruptions, we encourage you to visit the Poás volcano. This is located in Alajuela, about 45 kilometres from the capital of Costa Rica, San José. Getting there is as easy as taking a bus from San José and another from Alajuela, which will drop you off at the park gate. You can also go in your own rental car. After a slight climb, you will reach the impressive views of the crater, which they say is one of the largest in the world. It will seem that you are on another planet: an intense turquoise lagoon (one of the most acidic in the world due to its mineral composition), pyro plastic cones, fumaroles, and the remains of ancient lava flows. Try to arrive early, because sometimes the crater is covered with clouds.

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