What to do in Boston: 8 must-see places

What to do in Boston: 8 must-see places

Although New York takes, for many more than deserved reasons, much of the tourism of the United States, many other cities are worth crossing the Atlantic. San Francisco, Miami or Los Angeles are good examples, but one of our favorites is Boston. The so-called capital of culture and knowledge of the United States is, on the one hand, the cradle of the American Revolution and, on the other, the headquarters of important technology companies and the most prestigious universities in the country: Harvard and the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). If you are thinking of spending a couple of days or perhaps taking a day trip from the Big Apple, we are going to reveal the best things to see and do in Boston.

  1. Quincy Market

We start our list of the best things to do in Boston with a walk through its most popular market. The Quincy Market is one of the markets located in the vast Faneuil Hall building. In addition to being an ideal place to have a bite to eat, especially the famous lobster roll or lobster sandwich, it is a place with a lot of historical importance. It is said that it was There that Samuel Adams and James Otis gave the key speeches against British rule during the process of independence from the United States.

  1. Harvard University

Surely you’ve ever heard of the prestigious Harvard University, right? Well, it is located in the Cambridge area, a few kilometres from Boston. In their classrooms, important personalities such as Barack Obama and Bill Gates studied and, if you are curious, among everything you can do in Boston, we advise you to sign up for one of the student-led tours. If you want to do it yourself, take advantage of the maps and audios on the university website and try not to miss the Arnold Arboretum, a huge park managed by Harvard University, and Harvard Square. The latter is a commercial area where you will find many restaurants and souvenir shops, but, most importantly, you can experience that university atmosphere that you may have missed. Without a doubt, a good plan to do in Boston if you plan to spend at least a couple of days in the city.

  1. Freedom Trail

If you only have one day to explore the city, the essential thing you have to do in Boston is the Freedom Trail tour. This is a route of approximately 4 kilometres, marked both by some red bricks on the ground and with explanatory posters and maps, that passes through some of the main historical places related to the American Revolution to see in Boston. Start the route through the Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States, and then follow the route that marks you on the maps on the official website of the Freedom Trail. If you feel like it, you can also join one of the guided walks by people in period clothes, who will help you delve a little deeper into this American historical period.

  1. Black Heritage Trail

Another of the essential tours to do in Boston is the Black Heritage Trail. This is a signposted walk, like the previous one, through 14 historical places, mainly houses, schools and key cultural centres, to develop the African slaves who were brought to Boston. After the success of the American Revolution, many of them settled in Beacon Hill, an area of ​​the city located on a hill. In addition to enjoying a couple of hours learning more about America’s past, you will fall in love with this tangle of highly photogenic red brick streets. They are full of elegant and flower-adorned Victorian period houses, the most photographed being Acorn Street.

  1. North End and Little Italy

As you already know, the United States is a land of immigrants, so in many of its cities, you will find neighborhoods that have carved their personality thanks to people who came from other countries. Boston is no different, and in the North End neighborhood, you will breathe an air that will seem familiar to you. It is said that this is more European than American, and you will not doubt if you include Hannover Street, the main street of Little Italy, on your list of places to see in Boston. Here and in its surroundings, there are plenty of Italian restaurants, patisseries and shops with many histories, such as Ernesto’s Pizza, Polcaris Coffee or Mike’s Pastry.

  1. Back Bay and the Prudential Tower

The best way to get an idea of ​​all the things to see and do in Boston is to climb to the heights. Therefore, an excellent introduction to the city is provided by the Skywalk Observatory, the viewpoint of the Prudential Tower, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Boston. Located on the 50th floor, you can get 360º views and learn a little more about the city’s history, as the ticket includes an audio guide.

In addition, the Prudential Tower is located in one of the most charming neighborhoods to see in Boston: Back Bay. We recommend spending at least a couple of hours discovering its streets, starting with Copley Square. Like Beacon Hill, it’s filled with red brick Victorian homes, restaurants, and stylish shops. On the other hand, in Back Bay, there are also some essential buildings to see in Boston, such as the Boston Public Library (with a stunning interior) or the Trinity Church (an 18th-century church).

  1. Boston Museums

To end this tour of the best things to do in Boston, we recommend visiting one of its museums. Being the country’s cultural capital, you have a lot to choose from, but we opt for the Boston Tea Party Museum. This is a unique museum because it rekindles the triggering moment of the American War of Independence in addition to being in the shape of a ship. On December 16, 1773, the American colonists threw overboard the complete merchandise of British tea as a complaint against the hefty import taxes. In the museum, you will find a comprehensive exhibition and set by guides.

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