What to do in Galicia: Charming spots to get lost

If there is a land in Spain that inspires you to daydream, it is Galicia. Owner of ancient traditions, landscapes are a picture of lost villages, river canyons that die in the ocean, rugged coasts and World Heritage cities that pilgrims have traveled since the Middle Ages. If you still do not know it or want to plan a new getaway and wonder what to do in Galicia, we propose some charming Galician corners today. These tempting spots can also inspire you to pack your luggage and set a course to the north. This is also valid because Galicia traps seduce and leaves you wanting more.

  1. Ribadavia, the capital of Ribeiro

To the southwest of Ourense, very close to Portugal and in the heart of the Ribeiro region, is Ribadavia, a charming town of Roman origin located on the banks of the Avia River. The medieval castle dominates the hill, and its walls surround the network of alleys and squares of the Jewish quarter from the 11th century, one of the best-preserved in Galicia. After walking through its historic centre, which transports you to the time of the Sephardim among porticoed squares, Pazos and temples, we advise you to visit one of its wineries to discover the essence of the wine culture in Galicia.

  1. The forest and water landscape of Muiños de Verdes

The Costa da Morte hides in the parish of Verdes, a landscape so rural that it seems to have been taken from the brush of Turner or any naturalist of the 19th century. The Anllons river spills out and forks in small waterfalls between bridges, paths and restored old mills that can be visited today. This is a truly spectacular natural setting in which forgetting the clock and enjoying the silence is mandatory.

  1. The cathedral of Mondoñedo

Located in the Mariña Central Lucense and just 25 minutes from the famous beach of As Catedrais, Mondoñedo claims to be the birthplace of Pascual Veiga, the composer of the Galician anthem the writer Álvaro Cunqueiro. Among the attractions of this small municipality, the Basilica Cathedral of Asunción stands out. This is a National Monument known as the “Kneeling Cathedral” for its perfect proportions and low height and an obligatory passage on the Camino del Norte. Don’t forget to reserve a spot in your schedule to get lost in Os Muiños, a neighborhood full of canals and artisan shops that brings a hipster touch to this.

  1. The cliff of Punta Nariga

A lunar landscape of rocks that look like animals petrified in stone abruptly dies in the ocean next to one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the entire Costa da Morte: Nariga. This is located in Malpica de Bergantiños, and its silhouette can simulate a ship. A narrow path runs along with it to the south, in search of the end of the world that the Romans found in Fisterra. On your next trip, do not hesitate to take this panoramic route along the wildest coast of Galicia known as “El Camiño dos Faros”.

  1. The Ézaro waterfall

Just before merging into the Atlantic Ocean, the Xallas River plunges down the granite walls of Mount O Pindo into the Ézaro waterfall, another of the indisputable attractions of the Costa da Morte. It’s a 40-meter high waterfall that, in the melting season, produces a great cloud of steam that can be seen several kilometres out to sea. At certain times of the year, it also lights up to further highlight its beauty. Where? In Dumbría, a small municipality in A Coruña.

  1. The maritime charm of the Ría de Noia

The northernmost of the Rías Baixas is the one that Noia shares with Muros, a sea mouth where the saltpetre and the fresh waters of the Tambre river mix. There, the white and blue painted boats usually capsize with the rising tide. Seagulls hover over the seafaring houses, and the old Santa María A Nova cemetery, with its collection of union honors, sits on sand brought from the Holy Land.

  1. The viewpoint of San Roque

The view is lost in this mountain and sea landscape located at the natural entrance to the Cantabrian Sea by the Viveiro estuary. At an altitude of 353 meters, this viewpoint is one of the most beautiful in Mariña Lucense. Sitting down and being captivated by the panoramic views of Viveiro, Celeiro and Covas beach is one of the best experiences that can be lived in Galicia, especially for lovers of untamed nature that takes on poetic dimensions in the land.

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