What to see in Colombia

Perhaps you have not contemplated Colombia as the destination of your next vacation. Thus, we are convinced that, after reading this article and seeing everything you can do in Colombia, you will have a great desire to explore the country. Here we give you some reasons to go, but we warn you that the best that the country offers, its people, is something that you will have to find out for yourself…. Discover the best to see in Colombia!

  1. Coffee Axis

The small, very colorful towns among the green coffee plantations, such as Salento or Filandia, make this region a must-see in Colombia. Here you can also contemplate one of its national symbols: the wax palm. These giant palm trees can measure up to 60 meters (or they would not be the tallest palm in the world). With this, they have made the Cocora Valley one of the main Colombian tourist attractions. We also recommend that you sleep in an authentic traditional coffee farm where you can wake up with a cup of coffee from the plantations in front of you while your gaze follows the rapid flight of a hummingbird from a comfortable hammock. Sounds good?

  1. Cartagena de Indias

Probably the most beautiful Colombian city, Cartagena de Indias, is an essential that should not be missing from any list of what to see in Colombia. Losing yourself in the colonial streets of its historic center or the traditional Getsemaní neighborhood full of urban art is the best plan to do in the city. Of course, in Cartagena, it is very hot. That is why you can add a few dips on the beach to the plan of the day. To end the day, nothing better than a glass of juice at sunset in the walled city while watching the sun go down on the Caribbean Sea.

  1. Tayrona National Park

Suppose you think of that postcard beach with fine white sand and a turquoise sea lined with green palm trees, Piscinita beach, or Cabo San Juan beach in Tayrona National Park. It will be especially good for you to bathe in those warm waters after one of the hiking routes that you cannot miss through the mystical park. You will pass through centenary trees, come across the indigenous peoples that live in the park (such as the Kogui), and the butterflies with the most incredible patterns that you have ever seen will fly over you. All this is accompanied by the whistling of the birds and the sea in the background, waiting to heal all your stiffness. For all these reasons, the visit to Tayrona has become one of the most sought-after things to do in Colombia. You can go to the park for just one day, making a base in Santa Marta (arriving at the park entrance by bus) or in the beach town of Taganga (arriving at the beach by boat). But we recommend that you spend at least one night inside the park and you will enjoy the beach at sunset (almost) all to yourself.

4. Medellin

Medellin offers spring weather all year round, a cultural and gastronomic space, as well as many interesting getaways in its surroundings. The Paisa capital is home to the incredible Antioquia Museum, where you can see the most famous works of what is probably the most internationally recognized Colombian artist: Fernando Botero. Among so many plans, another very remarkable one that we recommend is to take a tour of Comuna 13: what was once one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world is now an open-air museum full of urban art on every corner. This tour is also important to learn about the city’s transformation process (and, in parallel, Colombia) experienced in the last decades. Medellín is a complete city to spend at least a couple of days and save an extra day for the nearby colorful town of Guatapé and the impressive views of the 220-meter monolith, Piedra del Peñol.

5. La Guajira

This is one of the most interesting departments to visit in Colombia. In La Guajira, you will be able to see flamingos in freedom in the Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora in Camarones or go down the Palomino river in an air “donut” until you reach the sea.  La Alta Guajira, on the other hand, is beautiful and equally hard: it extends between Colombia and Venezuela and is where much of the Wayuu population lives, the most numerous indigenous people throughout Colombia. Here you will learn a lot about their culture, but you will also witness their suffering when living in a desert area, with a great lack of water and constant challenges to survive. You will also touch the northernmost tip of South America In Punta Gallinas, get lost in the immensity of the dunes of Taroa, and bathe in sacred beaches in the Pilón de Azúcar. Finally, you will learn, if you want, Kitesurf, the king sport in Cabo de la Vela.


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