Where to travel in summer? Five incredible destinations

Where to travel in summer? Five incredible destinations

Still not sure where to travel in summer? Don’t worry. You still have time! If you don’t feel like repeating your destination, we will give you a good dose of travel inspiration. Here you will find corners where the weather is good, charming cities for a getaway, movie road trips and exotic trips to release the stress you accumulated during the year.

Read on and discover seven perfect destinations to travel to in summer.

  1. West Coast of the United States

If you want to take a trip with capital letters, think of the West Coast of the United States as one of the places to travel in summer. You can start your tour of Los Angeles or San Francisco, two of the most exciting cities to visit in the United States, and get a rental car. Then, you will embark on an epic road trip through some of the best national parks, such as the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Yosemite National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park. You can also spend a few days of madness in Las Vegas or visit a piece of the historic Route 66. We promise that you will discover that the United States that you have seen so much in the movies, where the towns on the side of the road were stranded in the 60s and the typical diners continue to offer hearty burgers and shakes.

Summer is a great time to take a trip of this calibre. Although it can be pretty hot in certain places, temperatures are usually moderate, and, most importantly, you have many hours of sunshine to make the most of the day. Therefore, we recommend considering the West Coast of the United States as a destination to travel to in summer only if you have at least 15 days of vacation.

  1. Berlin, Germany

For a getaway in summer of about 5 or 6 days, we have not doubted it for a moment. Your place is Berlin! The capital of Germany comes to life as soon as the heat hits, and it becomes one of the most exciting cities to travel to in summer for little money. Its terraces, parks and canals come to life, and it will not be difficult to fall for its street environment. In addition, in Berlin, there is a lot to see. Starting with museums as impressive as the Pergamon Museum (one of the best in the world) to the impressive dome of the Reichstag, passing through a park located in an old airport (Tempelhof) and, of course, absorbing all its history visiting corners breathtaking like the Berlin wall or the Holocaust Memorial.

In addition, Berlin is a perfect place to travel in summer because its long days will allow you to take advantage of your holidays even more.

  1. South Africa

We continue to give you a good dose of inspiration with destinations to travel to in summer with one of our favorites: South Africa. In the south of the African continent, a true paradise awaits you for lovers of animals and breathtaking landscapes. First, you can start your tour of Cape Town, a city dominated by the incredible Table Mountain, a vast table-shaped mountain from which you will get glorious views. There we recommend you rent a car and visit Franschhoek, where you can taste the famous South African wines, take a tour of the Cape Peninsula and, most importantly, take an excursion to Hermanus, because at this time of year you have many possibilities to spot southern right whales. These are usually on the coasts of South Africa from July to November, so you have one more reason to include South Africa on your list of places to travel in summer.

Afterwards, you can continue east and do the famous Garden Route or, if you want to see more fauna, fly to Durban and start a wonderful drive through natural parks such as iSimangaliso, the Royal Hlane National Park (jumping to Swaziland) and the most impressive of all: the Kruger National Park.

  1. The Southern Philippines

If you are looking for a destination to travel to in summer where the sea is the main protagonist, the Philippines is a great option. Although at this time of year it is the rainy season in Palawan, Luzon and Visayas, in the south of the country, it is dry season, which translates into many possibilities to fully enjoy two of its most beautiful islands: Siargao and Camiguin. In both, you will find incredible landscapes, among which the palm groves of the first and the volcanic cones of the second stand out. Not surprisingly, Camiguin is the place on the planet with the most volcanoes per square meter. Very close to them are smaller islands with paradisiacal beaches such as Guyam Island, Naked Island, Corregidor Island and Daku Island in Siargao. To combine these Philippine corners, we recommend dedicating at least 12 days of your summer vacation.

  1. Tunisia

We look back to Africa, but this time we stay in the north of the continent, where a destination awaits you to travel to in summer full of surprises. Tunisia offers you a winning combination: pleasant beaches like those on the island of Djerba, charming coastal cities like Sidi Bou Said, a lot of history in places like Carthage or the El Djem amphitheatre and, of course, the beautiful landscapes of the Sahara desert. If you are looking for a cheap destination to travel to in summer, Tunisia is a great option.

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